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Conscious Cosmetics

Let's take a breath...

As everything slowed down during the 2020 pandemic, we realised how much we all needed a break.

When the smog lifted, emissions fell and animals roamed city streets, it wasn’t hard to see that our planet needed one too.

While we’re all excited to get can’t wait to back to a new normal, we’re committed to honouring and preserving the refreshing changes we’ve seen around us. That’s why Blinc has decided to be part of the solution and not the problem with our Conscious Cosmetics initiative.

While it’s true that providing problem-free beauty products has always been part of Blinc’s mission.

We’re now taking problem-solving a step further. By making conscious cosmetics part of our long-term philosophy, we’re embarking on a journey of promoting responsible, ethical and sustainable beauty industry-wide.

Our commitment to creating the highest-quality cosmetics for our customers means we’ll be finding the safest and smartest solutions to deliver real social and environmental change while maintaining Blinc’s high-quality standards.

There is no perfect path to sustainable beauty, but we’re committed to finding a balance that allows us to make outstanding products that are kinder to the world around us.

This means:


Ethical human labor

We should never work with any vendor involved with unethical human labor. We research to the best of our abilities and ask the important questions to our vendors, factories, and warehouses. Are the people making our product of legal working age? What are their working conditions? How many hours do they work per day and per week? We keep asking questions until we are satisfied. Period.


Ethical treatment of animals

We are, and will always be, cruelty-free. We do not test cosmetics on animals and we do not ask any other company to test on our behalf. We hope for, and are in support of, a global ban on animal testing.


Ethical sourcing

Every ingredient and component should be ethically sourced with no harm to human life or nature. We promise to be clear and transparent about every ingredient in every product and to always comply with current US and EU standards.


Carbon footprint

We are constantly working on our supply chain to optimise our transportation routes. If we are able to, we source locally. Sending products back and forth around the world on ships, planes, trains, and automobiles is contributing to mass amounts of carbon emissions. We are primarily guided by the overall carbon footprint impact when making packaging decisions. For example: Glass is highly recyclable, but it takes a lot more energy to produce and is much heavier so it requires more energy to ship. Because of this, we will be reducing our use of glass when possible. We’re also moving away from aluminium components because mixed materials are harder to recycle and mostly end up in landfills. We are moving to an environmentally friendlier option in increasing our use of PCR plastics, which are made from post-consumer resins. Reusing plastics to make PCR plastics is a waste-reducing process that requires less water consumption, fossil fuels, and energy. As we learn more and as the packaging industry comes up with more sustainable options, we will adapt even better solutions.


Sustainable packaging

We will constantly be pushing for biodegradable and refillable packaging as much as possible within the limitations of creating beautiful cosmetic products. We also use Forest Stewardship Certified (FSC) paper for all of our product packaging. FSC paper comes from reclaimed materials. The FSC certification is considered the gold standard designation for wood harvested from forests that are responsibly managed, socially beneficial to workers and local people, environmentally conscious for biodiversity and ecosystems, and economically viable. By making this decision, Blinc is helping to protect, restore, and conserve natural forests. Using FSC paper also reduces the number of trees harvested, aids in regeneration of harvested trees, and maintains and improves soil structure and fertility.


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